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USERNAME: registered prior to June 2012 - email address
registered after June 2012- SCU username + student ID #
PASSWORD: SCU ID# *see additional help in the center column.

SCU Career Development Info
Phone: 651-690-8890
Email the SCU Career Development

Welcome to KatieClick!

Employers: Please use the link on the right side of the page.

Students: New students receive information about applying for Student Employment with their registration materials.  Access to KatieClick is granted to students sometime during the second full week of classes of their first term with the University. Please follow the login instructions located to the left. Additional login tips are located further down this page. If you experience difficulties that are not resolved by the suggestions below do not hesitate to contact our office. Note: All Student Employment questions should be directed to

Alumni:St. Catherine University Alumni may have viewing access to KatieClick jobs.  Contact for free login access.  Alumni can also post positions for other Katies free of charge!  Visit our website at: for more details.

KatieClick Student Login Tips
For accounts created prior to the 2012-2013 school year, the username is your FULL email address, including the "" portion, for example:

For accounts created after June 1, 2012, the username is the SCU username (the first part of the SCU email address) plus your SCU ID #, for example jmdoe12001234

Do not add anything to your SCU ID#, this number will be 8 digits or fewer.  In some cases the initial "0" was dropped by the system for 8 digit IDs.  Try using the last 7 digits only.

Make sure the address bar reads:

A common problem is that cookies are not enabled in the browser. In order to enable cookies in the browser, please follow the instructions provided on this web page:

If other login problems occur or you would like help using this powerful new tool, please see the student help guide at: select Find a Job/KatieClick from the left side menu.

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SCU Career Development Info
Phone: 651-690-8890
Email the SCU Career Development