Welcome to KatieClick, St. Catherine University's online job and internship recruiting center.

Please note: Account requests and job postings may take up to 2 business days to be approved.  If you have been waiting for more than 3 business days, please feel free to contact our office at: askcareer@stkate.edu or 651.690.8890 for assistance.

To post opportunities to our students and alumni you must first have an account with access to St. Kate's system. After creating your account, you will receive 2 emails.  The first is from Experience, the creator this posting site, verifying that your account was created.  The second is from from askcareer@stkate.edu, from St. Kate's directly,  acknowledging your request for an account and for access.  Once you receive the second email from us you will be able to log in to KatieClick to post your position without a charge.

There is NO CHARGE to employers to use this service as long as you choose the St. Catherine University network and use the basic post option.   Experience offers other services for fees.  If you reach a page requesting credit card information, simply return to your home page and be sure to post directly to our university by choosing us from your schools or networks.

If you have questions contact us at askcareer@stkate.edu or call 651-690-8890.

An employer quick start guide is available on our website at:  http://minerva.stkate.edu/careers.nsf/pages/recruiting

We do not accept postings for household help (nanny, pca, elder care, etc) via KatieClick, if you are seeking to to advertise this type of position, please see our website at: http://minerva.stkate.edu/careers.nsf/pages/household

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